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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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exxon mobil ceo brett tillerson. >> kristin has the criticism he's already facing. >> two sources close to the trump team. president elect made a decision it is rex tillerson but he will make it official not today but sometime over the next few days. nothing is official official? t until the president elect says so. look at what he said for the likely pick for secretary of state sunday. >> he is a world class player. he's in judge of just the largest company in the world. it's been a company that has been unbelievably managed to me a great advantage he knew many of the players. >> he is close to russian
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president gladimir put tin others see it as prominent members of his own party. this is what senator mccain said yesterday. >> he has a close personal relationship with putin and they have done enormous deals together but it would call it a threat. >> carly fear arena and rick santorum. he is talking to recall labra r labrador ajoe mansion. >> we will wait for that in the next couple of days. >> do you believe rex tillerson will be a good pick for secretary of state? e-mail us at and we will talk about it later in the show. >> thank you. governor chris christie
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reportedly receiving several roles in the trump administration because he wasn't offered in the attorney general spot. president elect offered christie homeland security and va secretary job as well as an ambassador ship but they weren't good enough. the attorney general spot was given to alabama senator jeff sessions. remember this moment from rick perry? >> it is free agenthat are gone commerce, education, what's the third one third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> probably the most meant that ended his candidacy. the third cabinet was the department of energy. there is a good reason for him to remember now. he could still be running that entire department. he is mr. trump's leading
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candidate in the running. it could come as early as tomorrow. >> meantime in an exclusive interview with our very own chris wallace blasting the cia claims that russia could help win the election. the president elect describing it has another excuse. >> what did he have to say? >> let's get started with it. he is responding to a "washington post" story that reports the cia claims russia carried hacking of political oord nation in an tame president with the president election to help him defeat clinton. he believes the claims are ridiculous. >> they have no idea if tsz russia or china or somebody it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. they have no idea. >> some describe the
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interference as serious and warrants and investigation. >> the commander-in-chief defends his position for attorney generals as secretary of defense and homeland security. he likes generals and thinks they are terrific. >> they go through schools and they sort of end up at the top of the mpyramid and it is a tes. >> he explains why he prefers one intelligence briefing a week instead of the daily briefing. that will raised some eyebrows. >> i don't need to be told the same thing every day every morning. nothing has changed let's get over it again. >> coming up at 5:30 we will talk about what he thinks about
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ivanka and son-in-law jared possibly working with him in the white house. >> still stein denied. they appealed the continue to recount saying she had no legal right to request one to begin with. after receiving 20 percent of the vote. stein's lasting important decision saying in michigan political cronyism pure gratic destruction and legal maneuvering have run rough shod over the democratic process. hours from now a judge in pennsylvania will decide if a recount can move forward in that battle ground state. now to a fox news lart. the man who shot and killed will smith is found guilty of manslaughter. he shot smith eight times during a road rage incident in new orleans last april. he was found guilty of
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manslaughter for shooting his wife. the snow, sleet and arctic temperature as mother nature deals a so-called slap of reality to the midwest. >> really all of the weather is effecting things. >> several inches of snow creating nightmares chicago's o'hare and midway through 1400 flights so far. >> the plane skidding right off the runway as it landed in snowy detroit. >> they get us on and off the plane in an orderly fashion. >> they stay home unless they have to absolutely be somewhere.
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we have a few more hours in the northeast through mid atlantic and by midday things start to improve. you can see the last 24-hours we have a lot of snow through the great lakes. you see the freezing rain and sleet that will cause some problems if you have a morning commute. mainly rain in new york. jersey got a couple of inches and north of that that's where we are getting the heavy snow. winter weather advisories winter warning and advisory for maryland and virginia. we get the cold air behind it but we will get really cold air by week's end single digits and teens as the next arctic front comes through. upwards of 6 inches mainly south of parts of massachusetts and
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long island and new jersey. radar is moving out and tuesday night it could bring a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. the big story after that we will get the coldest we have had so far maybe in years on thursday and friday. stay tuned for that. >> we have a white christmas? >> i don't know about a white christmas. i will check my crystal ball. >> i have a feeling a lot asked for that. >> we were in the snow jumping around. >> thank you, janice. >> a hero remembered by candlelight at john glenn's church in central ohio last night singing songs and telling
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stories. he spent 24-hours in politics representing ohio. democrats and the senate died thursday at the age of 95. >> it is 9 minutes after the hour. think the problems with the va are over? the discovery just made at one hospital that will make you sick. >> it is not just tom brady any more. brace yourself for deflate gate. hollywood season kicks off with a nod to president elect. >> one of the dudes on the internet got elected president.
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>> a bomb in cairo tearing into a christian church killing 125 people. many victims women and children. >> a car bomb exploding with the largest city killing at least 20. mostly police officers are dead
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more than 100 others are injured. >> the battle for mosul rages on. >> the fight for the isis strong hold going on since october. isis had another 3-5,000 fighters left pendi in that cit. chicago man is under arrest this morning charged with robbing and beating a 94-year-old world war ii set tran. he popped into a stolen car crashed into a nearby alley way. you can see him crushing the purse in the surveillance video. she is recovering this morning with a broken ribs balack eye ad head injury. look at that. adventure in the woods turns into a nightmare for two young
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boys. police and firefighters went after the children in maryland. one of the boys trapped up to his wasist when he tried to hel the friend out of the mud. neither chide was injured. one boy says his parents punished him from wandering too far from home. with lala land winning eight awards including best picture and is now seen as the frontrunner for the awards season. writer damion shazel walking away with awards in both category. ryan gosselin winning best actress or actor. not winning awards for slamming president elect donald trump. strolls did well this year not the movie but the dudes on the internet. one of them got elected president. >> miller was arrested you may have heard about this after
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allegedly assaulting an uber driver over a trump argument. ambassador john bolton had serious questions about the russian hacking allegations. wait until you hear this thier row next. >> you have seen the commercials. >> so can you get skinny with the fit board? should you add this to your christmas list? >> put this on my christmas list.
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a oo a veteran as body left to decompose for nine hours. a shocking internal report revealing the major miss step workers tried to cover up. the report looking at the blatant lack of respect for a veteran who died in hospice care. no one has been fired. this is one in a series showing lack of proper care and accountability at the veteran hospitals. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it has money for a new beginning with president elect donald trump. >> i think his attitude and support for israel is clear. hemly about the jewish state, about the jewish people and about jewish people. there's no question about that. >> the prime minister on 60
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minutes. it was not a personal attack on president obama. netanyahu says he lax forward to meeting with mr. trump as soon as possible hoping incoming administration can help bring an end to the israeli palestinian tension. >> as president elect donald trump cares to force an order he is bringing business to iran. they have a $18.6 billion deal for 80 passenger planes with iran air. also said to push for another deal with air bus planes. the deal made possible by president obama controversial nuclear agreement. clayton? >> thanks be, heather. you have seen it on tv i am sure. >> there is a fun and effective way to get toned with the fit board. >> now it is our turn to check
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out the simply fit board. >> it started on shark tank, right? >> it did do well on shark tank. i have brought it here to test it out possibly before coffee? >> no, i have had my coffee. >> it helps you burn fat, calories and midsection working. i am going to get you to demo it for me if you don't mind. >> i do mind but i will do in any way. >> set it on the ground. >> it is proper not to do this in dress shoes i would think. >> it might not. what you are supposed to do is squat down and twist your hips back and forth. >> how long are you supposed to do this thing? >> 15 minutes anywhere up to 30. my kind of take on it is it's great if you want to get up, get moving. it is going to activate your core.
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how do you feel right now. >> i feel good. my core is activated. >> my lower back, i felt clicking. >> don't do that. >> i think it is old age. had to release some of the tension for sleep. >> go for about 10 minutes. >> it will activate your core and midsection. it won't help you burn fat and calories. it is not upping your heart rate enough. it has a lot to do with your diet, with more exercise. >> am i doing it right. >> you are doing it right. >> do it in the heels. >> if i can do it in heels. >> is this meant only with heels or carpet. >> it will give you a six-pack, it will probably not do that. >> brian kilmeade has bought a
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lot of these as seen on tv products. >> what the price on this? >> 39.99. it will get you up and moving on the web site they have different exercises you can do with it. nothing is a miracle product. don't full off of it when you are getting off. >> my legs feel like jelly a bit. >> i am a little out of breath. i am not sure what that is old age or what. >> don't miss our as seen on tv products tomorrow. can't wait to see what that is. >> welcome back to chris. she used to be a part of the fox & friends first family when we first started. we are live in washington with the most anticipated cabinet picks yet. deflate gate 2.0. move over tom brady. the first on this day in
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>> welcome back. it is monday. donald trump set to pick rex tillerson as secretary of state. the main straem media already in melt down mode. >> he received one of the highest honors. senators from both parties already have questions about the pick. >> we are live in washington with what you missed while you were sleeping. plus what role will ivanka trump play in her father's white house? the president elect's revealing interview with our very own
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chris wallace. >> it's the worst pass in nfl history. we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> a rainy start to the day in new york city. good morning to you. snow flurries when i woke up this morning. lots areas of the countriy are getting more than flurries. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> and i am clayton morris. it is 25 minutes after the hour. fox news has confirmed that president elect trump has made his pick for secretary of state. it is exxon mobil ceo rex
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tillerson. >> kristin fisher is live for us with the criticism he's already facing. >> good morning. this criticism is coming not just from democrats but from members of his own party. senators including john mccain and marco rubio said yesterday they are uncomfortable with how close rex tillerson is to vladmir putin. he has done massive deals in russia. mr. trump's incoming chief of staff reince priebus says he believes that add tribute is actually a positive. >> he has a relationship with leaders like vladimir put continue and across the globe isn't something we should be embarrassed by. it could be a huge advantage to the united states.
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trump will be meeting with carly fiorina and west virginia senator joe mansion. -- joe mnuchin. >> as for tillerson don't expect an announcement today. remember, nothing is final until mr. trump says so especially when you are as unpredictable as donald trump. something we have heard from time to time in the campaign. >> he can be predictably unpredictable. >> let's keep talking about this. do you believe rex tillerson will be a good pick for secretary of state? we will share your thoughts later in the show. log on to our facebook page for a live debate after the show. >> in an exclusive interview with chris wallace mr. trump blasting the cia claims russia
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heched him win the electionment the president elect rae vealing plans to keep his white house keep in t team in the family. >> president elect donald trump says he doesn't believe in claims russia attempted to interfere with the u.s. presidential election. he sounded off about the report with chris wallace and that is what happened. >> oo i think it is ridiculous. i think it is another ex clues. i don't believe it they talked about all sorts of things. every week it is an excuse. both republican and democrat senators are calling for an investigation. on another matter mr. trump asked if his daughter and son-in-law would join them in washington? oo if you look at ivanka she is so strong with the women
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issues and child care. nobody can do better with her and i have to see whether or not we can do it and if she would like to do that. i would love to have jared helping us with deals on other nations and see if we can do peace in the middle east. he's very talented a very talented guy. we are looking at that from a legal standpoint now. >> do you remember who the first president was to say mr. president? >> my wife, my family, my daughter and then everybody just started going crazy. >> president elect donald trump sharing some of his thoughts with our very own chris wallace. >> wide ranging interview. got on the plane went to the army navy game. time for look who is talking as trump's possible second in command former ambassador john bolton arguing recent hacks on russia may have been so-called a
2:34 am
false flag covert operation to make it look like it was the kremlin behind it. >> it is not at all clear to me just viewing this from the outside that this macing into the dnc and rnc is not a false flag. why they would leave fingerprints that point to russians. until we know more about how the intelligence community came to this conclusion we don't know whether it was russian inspired for als flags. now to a fox news alert for you. the man who shot and killed former new orleans saints star will smith is found guilty of manslaughter. he shot smith eight times during a road rage incident in new orleans last april. he was found guilty of
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manslaughter for shooting smith's wife. he faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in february. extreme weather snow, sleet and arctic temperature mother nature delivers a slap of reality in the midwest. >> several inches of snow creating a nightmare for travelers in one of america's busiest cities chicago o'hare and midway grounding 1400 flats so far. >> 70 passengers aboard the delta flight. second plane skidded off the runway as it landed in snowy detroit. that's a shot of the parking lot. >> let's go to janice dean who is tracking it for us to let us know what is left to come. >> all of that wintery weather that mess has moved into the northeast right now. taking a look at the faa we don't have any delays. things look good. but it is early and we have to see what happens later on. the gad news it is a quick mover
2:36 am
bay midday this afternoon the storm will be out of here. for now it will be a messy commute. take yaur time on the roadways. we have winter weather advisories as well as potential for freezing rain and/or sleet. this system is out of here this afternoon. our next weather maker will be tuesday across the's coast. it, too, is a quick weather maker. but on the weekend we are watching a possibility for a pretty big system on saturday. that one we will have to watch. stay tuned. the other big story is the coldest air we have felt so far maybe in years as another arctic plunge moves into the pinks here below zero on friday stretching all of the way to the northeast with single dig gills and teens and stretching in the gulf course in florida in material of freezing temperatures. we had this arctic plunge but this one will be even colder. that could is he the stage for a pretty big system on the weekend. we have to wait and see.
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clayton long range forecast shows warmer than average christmas for the north's. anything is possible after five days. >> don't work too hard. >> we have antarctic plunge. >> we have the arctic plunge. it is on the way. get the plunger out. >> the amendment would force private entities that operate stadiums to arm people with concealed carry licenses. >> here comes part 2 of deflate gate. a pair of balls from the week 13 loss to the pittsburgh steelers were under deflated.
2:38 am
according to fox sports report they sent the balls to the nfl league office. >> a spokesperson saying all footballs were in compliance and no formal complaint will be filed. >> 38 minutes after the hour. donald trump is set on rex tillerson as secretary of state. the media has a total melt down now. >> some of your colleagues expressed concern about tillerson as secretary of state. he even got an award from russia. >> is that so far bad he got a friendship award? >> sarah palin isn't worried about russian hackers. wait physical until you hear about what shae just tweeted. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion
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>> welcome back. sarah palin helping with russia. she tweeted this rush hsia is getting out of hand so says the defeated. not to worry. remember i can keep an eye on them from here. echoing a remark she said during her run as vice presidential nominee back in 2008. >> they are our next-door neighbors. you can actually see russia from land here in alaska. >> days later tina fallin mocked palin saying i can see russia from my house. secretary of state rex tillerson picked as secretary of state. president elect trump turns into tycoon with no government
2:43 am
experience. >> the business ties will are already raising concerns. >> he has ties are russia. >> some of your rehub can colleagues because of his close ties with vladmir putin. >> he received one of the highest honors order of friendship. >> why are they surprised his unco unconventional choices? isn't that what put him in office? oo why should we be surprised and is the mainstream media ever going to drop it? oo they have a trump disorder. they can't believe he won and it is bleeding over into their transition reporting. he portrayed himself as an unconventional agent of change and he is taking a businessman
2:44 am
like rex tillerson who does business on more than 50 countries and 60 continents. he told you what he was going to do and he does it and they can't believe it. tillerson wouldn't be the fist secretary of state with a business background george schultz was for reagan. >> one of the key issues they have are the connections with russia. as i go to you, he's the chairman and ceo of exxon mobil. $150 million net worth. when you talk about oil itself, chuck, it is the greatest bargaining chip. could tillerson not use that to our ad vantage? >> i think that's why our government and forefathers set up a confirmation process. they should question not only tillerson but every nominee.
2:45 am
if there are tough questions about his relationship with russia the senate has a chance to ask those questions. whether it is a democrat or republican we should question who is going to be representing us around the free world. he may not have foreign policy experience. let's ask the question what would be in his background and what we would talk about. >> what would he use in relation to oils? >> one of the biggest problems we have is we could have a super he power because he has done deals in russia and all over the world. he knows the players. it can help benefit america and trump administration in terms of getting things done. it is a lot more with the media. they can't believe they voted
2:46 am
for this man they want to blame it on a racist mad el class. terri graham has a great relationship with the chinese president. they have allege he had hacking. nobody cares about that. trump is going to fight back and he is probably going to win this. >> you think he is going to fight back? i don't think so. absolutely he will. this is not the first unconventional pick. he has business leaders and generals. people lead in business and military. in running campaigns they operate in the same box. i ran a presidential campaign. guess who has not operated in that box? donald trump has not operated in that box. it throws people off. they don't know how to react. as long as you are winning and doing good things you are going to continue to be the prince of the prom.
2:47 am
a few miss steps happen and we will see when that will come. >> that's the bottom line. we will see. we haven't seen yet because it hasn't happened before. thank you for joining us this morning. appreciate it. >> have a great day. a bombshell report when sadam hussein was pull out of the spider whole. wasn't such a tough guy. a person asks a restaurant to lose all of the christmas carols.
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welcome back. a bright al dictator living clueless. former cia interrogator claims that saddam hussein claimed of cuts and bruises during his capture being pulled out of that spider hole. when agents grilled him, they say during his final years in power, he was more concerned with writing novels than governing. he was put to death for crimes against humanity. president-elect trump's victory -- >> ♪ you are blind as a bat. >> no joke. comedian joe miss coe poe may run for governor of new jersey. the 65-year-old has never held public office. promises to make a decision by january. current governor chris christie's term ends next year. and from the political field to the football field, a lot of
2:52 am
crazy moments in week 14 as teams fight to make the playoffs. got to do it. >> brian kilmeade is going to do some highlights. >> i'm joined by ainsley. special treat. >> hi. >> we're curious about how clayton is recovering from his -- >> that's why you were asking. you like to order those as seen on tv items. >> do they really work? >> it worked really work. >> the clicking -- >> that's called a dislocation. >> let me tell you what happened in the world of sports. >> dallas another win streak thanks to the new york giants sunday football win. odell beckham jr. was scampering 16 yards for the score. giants win 10-7. the only team to beat dallas
2:53 am
this year. clapping for me and the team. the aaron rodgers injured his leg. didn't matter. three touchdowns. packers win 38-10. they're in the playoff hunt. miami on a streak of their own. this is the worst pass you'll see. ryan tannehill, throws, not even close. ball slipped out of his hands in the rain. here's the good news. miami wins 26-23. their starting qb might have a torn acl. colin kaepernick continued his anthem protest. with support from his parents who say they're proud of his son for carrying a heavy load. really? that didn't stop them from -- >> please clap. >> 23-17. ainsley, what's coming up? >> former ambassador john bolton is in the running for secretary of state. >> tucker has a comment on that. we got to fill in the gaps. >> former speaker of the house, newt gingrich on the show today.
2:54 am
>> then? >> it's national gingerbread house day. we're having a bakeoff. >> whoo. >> excited about that one. >> i think you elevated sports this morning. >> i was a big help. >> great. >> we left out the panthers. they did win. >> they won. doesn't count for the playoffs. >> you can continue this. >> bye guys. >> who is going to the playoffs, brian? >> cowboys. >> giants are not in the running. >> ainsley, your show starts in five minutes. >> i'll stop taking your time. bye bye. the time is now gone. we have five minutes left. you asked what you thought about rex tillerson. your e-mails pouring in. we're reading them next. >> i don't think this is a must have gift of the season. this happy hour playset for kids. >> oh, yeah. >> apparently not what it seems. ♪
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2:59 am
christmas music was offensive. consider playing holiday music or less religious themed music. the owner of the diner posted it. the owner joins "fox and friends" next hour. the ugly. stop freaking out, internet. this fisher-price happy hour playset for toddlers is just a joke. that's what fisher-price is saying. the photoshopped box shows toddlers hanging out at a bar becoming a p.r. nightmare for fisher-price. we asked you to keep talking. who would be a good pick for secretary of state. >> jeremy doesn't agree. posting on facebook. personally, i think this is a flat-out terrible pick. great you're a ceo. that doesn't mean you have foreign policy experience. these are the most capable, not the most popular with the politician. >> not sure. maybe not. i trust president trump to pick the best for our country.
3:00 am
let's keep the conversation going. log on to our facebook page and use the #keep talking. >> thanks for joining us here. f"fox and friends" starts right now. bye bye. a fox news alert. sources confirm president-elect donald trump will nominate exxon-mobil ceo rex tillerson as the secretary of state. >> that official announcement expected to become official over the next couple of days. >> that's right. kristin fisher is live to dive into this from washington, d.c. about also not only who he is but what about the heavy criticism tillerson is facing. hey, kristin. >> can you believe it. good morning. this criticism is coming from republicans and democrats. they argued that for a secretary of state to be this close to russian president vladimir putin would be bad for the united states. >> it's a matter of concern for me that he has such a clo


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